Apogee Life


APOGEE Life Virtual Fitness revolutionizes your fitness experience. Stay in shape and work out to your favorite fitness classes from any laptop, desktop, tablet, or smart phone. Simple to use, get results from the comfort of your home.

Choose from a wide range of classes to further your body and mind. Our video library will keep your classes so you can go back and view them again and again. Choose from a variety of classes from bootcamp to pilates. Busy, not ready for the gym, or looking to revamp your fitness routine, APOGEE Life is the place for you.


Any video you purchase stays in the cloud for you to view anytime, in any room, on any device.

Keep track of all your videos, and find new videos all on the Apogee Life Video Network.

APOGEE Life Virtual Fitness is the convenient path to a healthier you.

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