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Eating While Emotional. The Good, The Bad & The Tasty.

So your boyfriend or girlfriend dumps you over text? You're upset and need to find something that'll makes you forget about your bae problems and make you feel good again. If you're the kind to get a quart of that fancy Talenti ice cream and eat your troubles away for the next two days, odds are you're an emotional eater.

Best Tips For Morning Energy Workouts

One outlet that'll help alleviate your emotional eating problems is doing morning mini workouts, which are sure to wake you up both mentally and physically. Each morning, take a few minutes before you leave for work to follow these easy yet effective exercises that'll give your body the morning jolt it needs to be ready for the stresses of the day.

Run, Run As Fast As You Can!

Now, if those morning workouts are too mediocre for someone of your high fitness stature, another option to consider is running. According to a recent study, researchers found that running improves pretty much everything that ails you. Okay, not evvverything, but pretty close. Heart health, weight issues, improves mental health, stronger joints and strengthens your core--just to name a few. Okay, let's be honest! Runners are just overall badasses! There I said it. Just look at how content these runners look with life.

Fitness: Yesterday, Today & Forever More.

While you're busy getting ready for that workout, its important that you're wearing the appropriate clothing at all times. You're too busy making sure you're getting in that great workout to keep getting distracted by a fallen bra strap or shoes that don't have the proper soles for the constant movement.

One key thing is to just make sure you actually use your workout gear for working out. Unlike these slackers. . .

Now, if you're like some of those folks who only wear fitness clothes to feel accomplished for the day, I hate to break it to you, but you're doing it all wrong! I know, working out and getting fit is a hard task at times. It takes drive, determination, dedication and a can-do attitude. Sometimes you may want to quit, or wonder if it's all worth it. Well guess what!? It is. It truly is.

"Uhhhh Doc! I Think We've Got A Problem"

Scared patient in the waiting room.

More and more men are dying at a faster rate than women. According to a survey conducted by the Center of Disease Control, results showed that men avoid the doctor's office like the plague.

How is that possible you ask? It's simple; men don't care about their health as women care about theirs. Apparently men tend to drink, smoke and take more risks than women. Surprised?

Yoga Brings Strengths To Village Thanks To Special Instructor

One guy who's proving them all wrong is yoga instructor James Njuguna! Overcoming many trials and obstacles, he fought through addiction and poverty to get where he is today as a yoga instructor. A job where he's also been able to inspire the rest of his community to get involved. As a result, yoga has now become a main focus for villagers to come and workout even more.

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PSA: 'Five-Second Rule' A Sham!

Whomever lied to you telling you that whatever you drop on the floor is still good to eat if you pick it up within five seconds lied to you--BIG TIME! According to a study, it takes less than five seconds for surface bacteria to make contact with whatever item of food you've dropped on it. So please, if that piece of cake you were devouring just so happens to fall on the floor, don't shed tears and think about putting it back in your mouth. Just throw it away!

Now that that's resolved. You've now been given proper instructions on how to handle food when in and out of the kitchen. If something drops on the floor, don't pick it up and eat it, wash it off properly. If it's still covered in cat hair after three hard washes, your best bet is to throw it away, please!

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Hot Sauce With A Side Of Delicious.

What's better than hot wings? Don't answer that, because nothing's better! Check out these delicious meals that hold a very spicy ingredient. Benefiting not only your taste buds but your overall health as well.

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